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  1. Pink Mountaintops

    My neighbours are playing really bad music upstairs. I put my headphones and listened to this song for the first time.

  2. The Ballad of Lou The Welterweight

    The Ballad of Lou


    One winter morning I went round to my new friend’s flat

    Four of us: ten hours of beers and records

    Afternoon and already dark

    I lay upside down on the couch

    Asked her for the song she’d most like to share

    This is it.

    In life there are moments

    you want to remember.

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  3. Dark Eyes

    The goodness of guitar. Voices rough and sweet. Discomforting comfort. A poignant lullaby. Thank you Dylan, thank you Dawn.

  4. Bill Callahan is a Genius

    Listen to this. That is all.

  5. Luluc: For Car Alarms in the Morning

    Luluc: For Car Alarms in the Morning


    I’m a morning person. I really mean that, I love the morning.  I even love that I have to nap later, naps to me are just as good as the mornings.

    This morning I woke up at 6.30 because of a car alarm outside my flat. The jarring sound that happened over and over, so I shoved in my headphones and flicked through NPR’s latest first album listens. The first one I found that struck a gentle chord was…

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  6. Long time…

    The Beach

    It’s been so long since I’ve blogged that safari kicked me out of WordPress. This is the fact I faced this morning. Yes there are lots of reasons – mostly that I’ve just BEEN BUSY – but it’s always been at the back of my mind that I need to write something. The thing is that I have an idea for Play which I want to put into action, I just haven’t had the time. I want this site to be a collection…

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  7. Unpacking Records

    Today the sun has disappeared and  mist is shrouding the sky. I’m continuing to unpack my latest record purchases including this one, a record made in 1963 in aid of the world’s refugees.

  8. Listen Up! Sylvan Esso

Today,  in between rifling through Glaswegian record shops, I mostly lisetened to this self titled album by duo Sylvan Esso.

    Listen Up! Sylvan Esso

    Today,  in between rifling through Glaswegian record shops, I mostly lisetened to this self titled album by duo Sylvan Esso.

  9. Stranded

    Stranded http://wp.me/s2iDLJ-stranded



    Right now I am fully stranded. From nowhere a beautiful sunny Edinburgh day turned into a thunderstorm. I dived into a coffee shop and while watching the rain hammer the pavement listened to this Sam Amidon track on NPR. It’s called Bright Sunny South. I like the irony. Now I have to face the fact I’m going to get soaking – follow the link, listen and laugh at me.


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  10. I’ll Remember This Forever

    This weekend I went camping in a very beautiful place in Scotland.  Early in the morning we went walking through the woods.

  11. The Month of May

    The Month of May



    Pinch, punch first of the month! Inspired by the Arcade Fire tune here are some springtime songs…

    Sharon Van Etten ‘Everytime the Sun Comes Up’

    It’s impossible not to love this lady’s music. This is a lilting, yearning track from her soon to be released new album ‘Are We There’. You can also watch a live session of it with extra glimmers over at NME.com.

    San Fermin ‘Sonsick’

    I feel in love with…

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  12. Music to Love


    Photo Courtesy of Dangerdust

    There’s an American artist called Dangerdust that I’ve fallen in love with, they produce beautiful chalk drawings of quotes and song lyrics, featured above. For this Good Friday here are some other things to fall for.

    Lyla Foy 

    This girls music is beyond pretty.

    Francois and the Atlas Mountains

    The new album Piano Ombre beams jubilance.


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